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New video.

2015-11-09 12:23:32 by superman35



2015-05-17 08:53:11 by superman35

Nonsens-comedy made a new video! right here:

go and check it out!


So now, it seems i'm stopping the game's process. :/


I know it's a pretty bad new, especially for the peeps who gaved me their music(i'm soooo sorry, btw.), but i started to feel like this game was a lil' bit too much weird. i putted too many weird ideas before the real ones that was supposed to make the game look cool, and at a certain point, i was sick of it.

FOR NOW, no rpg game(FOR NOW!).



I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry. i promise i'll do my best so that this can NEVER happend again and i hope you'll forgive me. ^_^

have a nice day and i just hope your christmas was awesome.

-Jedhas Dubrise(who just realize that it's might be is last post of 2014, so HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D)-

Game in pause

2014-12-21 12:43:11 by superman35

I faught i could work on Name of Sience more on christmas, but not exacly this weak.


i will start other projects and i just...can't really work on that one because i'm gonna be

out alot and such(trying to get away from PC a lil, going on Xbox, seing friends...and yea)


i'm REEEEALLY sorry for that, but hey, i also have a comic to start and i don't, i'll completly forget it so

if ya wanna see it, it's at that link:

(gonna put it later in the day.)





anyway, have a nice day and see ya guys! ^^

-Jedhas Dubrise-



To everybody...(+ progression #4 for my game)

2014-12-19 21:42:20 by superman35



(yeah i know i'm pretty hyped for vacations. seriously thought, have happy holidays and just...just don't do stupid crap, please. XD)


Now, for the game:

I just need to;

-do one more stage, where i'll be showing SOME of the puzzle mechanics and other types of mechanics

-put all the songs and the credits(FOR THE DEMO) of all the nice and important stuff to put in the credits scene

-make shure there is no major bugs and such and.....I'LL PUBLISH THE GAME! YAAAAY! :D


so that's it....(can't wait to publish god damn it).

anyway, see ya!
-Jedhas Dubrise-

Hello peeps! ^^

i'm still testing some stuff out. However, i have made some changes to the storyline and at my highshcool, we proposed me some awesome ideas that i'll think about.

And really, i'm gonna have to find some good inspirations, so i'll play other games, find in some drawing books(yes, drawing books) and more.

anyway, if someone wanna collaborate with me, i'll gradly accept.^^


see you guys! :D


Just to make you guys know, i'm about to put the second pic i said i was gonna post about NoS(lol best abbreviation ever) right now.

I've also finished the title screen of the whole thing.I just can't wait to show you a demo(but it's incomplete for now.)

anyway, see ya guys.^^


Name of Sience: C.O.S.M.OS. progression 1

2014-11-29 09:58:46 by superman35

Oh my god...i just started last night to explorate and this morning...i tried amazing stuff and experiented alot. I just realized thought that i could get some help in terms of spriting thought. :/

since i'm gonna get busy with the storyline, the game concept and the worlds of the game and all this stuff, i will need of someone for the animated battle sprites.

On my deviantART, i'll post the pictures of the characters of the game and i hope someone will help me with their spriting skills, or else i will have to sprite all myself and it would take ETERNITY!....yea.

contact me there:

Oh, right! the name of the RPG game shall be: Name of Sience. C.O.S.M.O.S

Thank you for taking the time to read my message and hope you can help me out.

-Jedhas Dubrise-

Thank you very much!

2014-11-27 16:27:02 by superman35

Thanks to all of the people who let me use their musics. It's really amazing to see that this game is not gonna be a simple dream anymore! it's gonna be reality, you'll see. I just hope you'll like the game as much as i will.^^

again, thank you everyone who gived me the rights to use their musics.


This gam will be awesome, i swear!

-Jedhas Dubrise-

Hello guys...again!

2014-11-08 21:00:04 by superman35

What's up!? 

Anyway, i have a big tons of project to make: 2 mangas + a game(RPG).

One of the 2 mangas was supposed to be an animated serie, but i realized I should practice more 1st, so it turns out it's a comic, while the other one is actually based on a pretty cool game i play some times with friends from school called Eden eternal(because yes, i play that game...for people who know about it).

For the game, i'll only start at the end of december(when my christmas vacation starts) to make shure i have made alot of enough good songs.I'll post the songs i've done for now(hope you'll like them. :D ).

Anyway, have a nice day guys and i'll tell more news about all of that in another Post. See ya and good night!